Olivia jóga kineziológa stresszoldás jóga 3-1-2 meridián torna


Conscious emotional treatment

In our accelerating world, where everything around us is changing faster there is more emotional, social and economic pressure on everyone. We all react differently to challenges and our tolerance level to stress varies from person to person.
"Too much stress, I'm busy, I'm tired, and I have no time, no energy." – Does this sound familiar?
For those who feel often stressed, have a lack of energy and their main concern is about surviving the days, will find that over time the repressed emotional problems will show up in forms of physical symptoms.

You shouldn’t wait for this to happen, but if it is already too late you don’t have to live with it. Within the infinite potentials of our body and soul, happiness can be found. Happiness is our natural state of being. When we fall out of balance and it doesn’t recover naturally –WE have to do something about it!

The “Metamorphosis - Kinesiology for Everyone” workshop is ment for those individuals who to take the responsibility and want to make a difference within their lives! This simple, easy to learn self-healing method can help you and your loved ones to deal with stressful situations and problems more sufficiently.
The purpose of the course is also to help you learn how to live a more conscious life and to use your mental capabilities and to explore possibilities more efficiently. The two-day workshop takes place on weekends, on pre-arranged dates.
It presents a variety of stress reduction techniques, muscle testing, time-regression (the ability to find when the first event occurred that is causing the problem today) and corrections as well as simple exercises to restore the meridian energy flow and balance.
After completing the course, you will be able to apply the method on yourself and your loved ones to develop self-confidence, launch the self-healing processes and to handle daily stress more efficiently.

Who would gain benefit from the course?
Everyone who wants solve their problems and is interested in self improvement!

Price: 10.000. HUF + VAT / person / day (The course only starts with minimum 4 applicants.)

Contact: Szirtesi Olivia  Tel:+36 30 653 0840