Olivia jóga kineziológa stresszoldás jóga 3-1-2 meridián torna

Welcome on my webpage!

I am Szirtesi Olivia specializing in Stress Management, Eastern Movement and Massage Therapy

My field of expertise is helping people with problems such as:

- panic disorders, 
- depression, 
- anxiety, 
- relationship and sexual problems,
- allergies, 
- difficulties with studying and concentration,
- lack of confidence,
- dealing with crisis situations such as birth, divorce, death, or accident.

For nearly 8 years I suffered from allergies. I tried a number of different types of treatments, but none seemed to help. The search to rid myself of these allergies seemed nearly hopeless until I found out about kinesiology. By attending kinesiology treatments for three months my allergies went away. I was impressed by the result and decided to study and learn kinesiology. 

In 1995 I completed the „One Brain” course given by Carol Ann Hontz and became certified as a Kinesiology Instructor. Later in 2005, I completed a Refreshing Massage course under the instruction of Locodi András. In 2008 I successfully attained my diploma as Alternative Movement, and Massage Therapist by ETI (Health Education and Training Institute).

In the same year I began to give „Metamorfosis” workshops, using the teachings of Carol Ann Hontz as a guideline. This is an easy to learn, stress diffusion system which helps with the handling of everyday problems.

I also have many years of experience in Hatha Yoga. Between 2000-2002 I practiced yoga every day for 1,5 hours. My well-being and physical condition became better than ever. Because of my personal experiences and benefits gained through Hatha Yoga I wanted to share this experience with others. Since 2002 I have taught Hatha Yoga which consist of 26 asanas (positions), breathing exercises and relaxation.