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According to researches the majority of our physical problems - around 80%- is caused by the psyche, the mind. More and more, we find ourselves in long lasting and unresolved life situations. We try to suppress our feelings and avoid these unpleasant situations as much as possible. With this, we create blocks in the flow of our energy, our meridian system. This way our body falls out of balance and becomes ill, warning us that "an error has occurred in the system."

For example our partner behaves arrogant, but we are too scared to tell them our opinion, this way we just “swallow” our words. Then when we reach the point that we can’t “swallow” anymore we get throat pain and have difficulties with swallowing. This symptom is actually trying to warn us to start saying something and not to hold all out feelings back. The usual behaviour in this case is that we take painkillers and problem is solved. Or so we think. However we just treated the symptoms and not the cause. In this case it’s just a matter of time that our body “sends us another sign”.

The emotional stress defusion can provide a solution in this case as well!

What is emotional stress defusion? It is a holistic approach to an alternative method which helps to trigger the self healing processes and contributes to personal growth.

Basically through eliminating stress with different techniques we can restore the energy flow and this way the body can begin to heal itself.

We start every session by talking, this way identifying the issue and the cause of the stress. After, we “go” to the original age/cause through biofeedback and with different techniques, let go of the past sufferings. This way the memory will remain, but without the stressful pain connected to it. This is very important, it is the “key” to the healing method as our present state is based and influenced by our previous traumas. The basic technique is muscle testing. The arm muscles mediate information stored in the memory of the brain and the body's cells, by reacting with different muscle tones for “yes” and “no” answer. Then we make the necessary “corrections” with different kinds of exercises and techniques. Eventually this will help realize what decisions and changes are necessary to make to become more conscious. With this simple therapy everyone can get the chance to bring positive changes and more happiness into their live!

Further tools that can be used during the session are:
• Talen answer sheets
• Chakra harmoniziation
• Aura protection and cleaning
• Bach flower essences
• I-ching
• Karma cleaning
• Sometimes the root of the current problem is much further back in the past, in this case a regressive journey into previous lives can also be used.

As an effect of Emotional Stress Defusion many physical problems improve or disappear, if the stress-related reasons were successfully dissolved using these techniques. The fields of application are diverse, since it does not deal with all the symptoms, but with the cause. After the session, self healing can start immediately or slowly depending on how ready the individual is for the change. Stress defusion can help in the following areas:
• Learning disorders (eg, dyslexia)
• Panic attacks, depression, anxiety, fear, self-doubt,
• Self-esteem problems,
• Sexual problems,
• Blood pressure problems,
• Migraines/ headaches,
• Relationship problems,
• Crisis situations (birth, divorce, death, accident),
• Psychological disorders,
• Speech disorders,
• Integration (fitting-in) problems,
• Allergies,
• Lack of energy, fatigue

The cost of treatment:
12.000 Huf / 35 Euro
Contact: Szirtesi Olivia +36 30 653 0840
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